Some thoughts

As of now its in the middle of a identity crisis, I am not sure which way its headed.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just a random NZ pic

To add a bit of color the this drab page.

The flow has started

We got in our first few today and last night, still having problems with the zmanim so no proofs yet.

I was very impressed, a full 36 hours has gone by, and still no new mushroom posts on the shluchim xange.

The sitch in the holy land is nuts, I spoke with Danny C yesterday he tells me that he is awol for 5 days from his reserve unit, he also mentioned that he saw the whole thingy on the shluchim xange, I cant really quote what he said because its not nice, but it was a good point.

Yuda and Menachem called today, they are still building over there, in two days they will be putting down the foundation iyh. Noshkeh called, he is a chosson.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Finnaly a bit of work

Ouch.. Need to rewrite everything because it got deleted.

Anyway, The new computers are working good, finally got to working on the ftp, it should be all done tomorrow.

In the News: Shark pays brooklyn a visit sounds a bit scary, I hope it was just dropped off there from somewhere else.

With all the interesting accusations about Diana, its hard to decide who is telling the truth and which stories are just too interesting to be true, the way I look at it, you cant believe either of them, but its probably very interesting reading.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Our new computers

Just got the new computers on Friday, and unpacked the first one tonight.

It looks like a good machine but its giving us problems with installing windows 2000, will need to take care of it tomorrow.

Other news. I was given the link and password to a new site to try and force all us retailers to conform to a code of selling only to authorized shluchim, this is after a unsuccessful attempt to garner vast support on the shluchim exchange. We will have to see where this leads.

Friday, June 24, 2005

First post

Hi there,
I highly doubt that anyone will ever read this, so I can probably write whatever I please.

Just got my new Dell Ultrasharp LCD today, and we are getting in our new computers tomorrow, work is about to start.

In the meantime we sit here wasting time listening to bocelli and brighman, and cleaning up the office. Its amazing how much dust and junk we have down here, we filled up about 15 bags of trash and thru out 3 old computers, and we haven’t finished yet.