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As of now its in the middle of a identity crisis, I am not sure which way its headed.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Fight

You know its always nice to watch a nice Jewish boy knocking the crap out of some goy, I am not anti goyim or anything, but it was nice watching Dima Salita fight.

It all started with a grand entrence/intro by Mattisyahu which got the crowd of mostly Salita fans rolling, the first two rounds his opponent had half a chance, after that it was all over, he was woobling around until in the ninth round they stoped it and called it a Tecnical Knock Out.

In the crowd there were lots of Jews among them many a Lubab, it was nice to see.

Monday, August 22, 2005

A day in camp

After sitting around in the city non stop for a month I finally made it upstate for a weekend. Packed up some clothing, a sleeping bag and went with Michoel to visit the good Jews in camp pre misivta.

After driving in the rain for 3+ hours we finally arrived at our destination, where HCADPHB told me that even though it might be raining outside, they were literally dry. So off we went to the liquor store down the road, where I realized that I had forgotten my drivers license at home. One bottle each of Svetka and Smirnoff, for zochor and shomor, and a 12 pack of beer for the shvotim seemed to be the way to a uplifting shabbos.

We davend in the 7th grade shul, where Shlome and Sendy had their hands
full trying to keep the peace. By the meal we started to polish off the bottle of svedka that had been started before shabbos while farbrenging about the Jews in the Gush, and the camps in the Ukraine.

After shabbos we had a sighting of the camp bear, having its mil
ava malka in the garbage dump, then it was story time with counselors trying to get us to say stories to their bunks.

After going for pizza in Monticello, and finding out that the horseback riding place was closed we decided to go hiking. It was me Michoel, my little brother and two of his friends.

First stop was Wal-Mart, where we stocked up on some beef, corn, a grate, and the ill fated pellet gun.

After taking the 'scenic route we finally made it to a place that
had a trail and where BBQing was permitted. We hiked up for 10 minutes found our spot and settled down.

While Michoel got busy with the fire, my brother got busy with his new gun, 30 minutes and one shot later he figured out that the had bought the wrong pellets, that was the end of

We davend mincha, ate, schmoozed and right after it got dark 'put' out the fire using all possible means.

For me it was a shabbos in camp and a trip into the woods, for Michoel it was as he said 'probably my last such trip before I get married' and for the little guys it was a great day out of camp where they figured out that you don't have to wait online for two hours to rent jet skis to have a goo
d visiting day. As the sun was going down, the food was going on Michoel and his fire
The rifle that wouldent fire

Friday, August 19, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"The only whole heart is a broken one." - Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Its begun

As of two hours ago thousands of soldiers and police have started their raid on niveh dikalim, to uproot its Jewish residence and evict them from their homes.

The pictures and videos brake my heart. Who ever thought that we could ever come to a situation where Jewish police dressed in black would be going door to door trying to evict their Jewish brothers and sisters.

Why this is happening I don't think anyone knows.

Its the week after 9 av, the three weeks are over. Hopefully the people will hold off the soldiers and enough soldiers will not do what they are told, so that by the time shabbos Tu B'Av comes around it will once again be the happiest day of the year when they decide to stop this madness.

Wishful thinking? possibly, but with g-ds help it will be.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The holy land the holy people...

After yesterdays prayer rally, something that the kotel has not seen since the beis hamikdash, and today's demonstration in tel Aviv I am certain that this evil decree will not happen.

Everyone was there, its the nine days so I will refrain from writing about the people who stayed away, But there is no doubt in my mind that with all the thilim that the Jewish people have been saying all over the world, it will come down to a physical victory and we will keep our land.

Its a great time for moshiach to come and save us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vacation time

Its finally here, I sit here by my computer bored. The phones don't ring anymore, the emails slowed own, and I have nothing to do.

Still unsure if I should go to the Ukraine for two weeks, or maybe pull off a fast one and go to the gush for a week, I am more and more convinced that all will work out well in the holy land, and that g-d will find a way to fix up the sitch.

So that brings me back to the big Q, whether or not to buy a season pass for hunter mountain. My logic goes that if I am going to be in town its definitely financially viable to buy it, and if I am out of town, then I probably wont be getting much skiing done, so why would I want to be out of town..

Then there is the Switzerland trip, I found the place where we want to go, now we just need to figure out when we are going, and how many other people we want to take with, (Z if you read this, don't worry about coming) So all this snow is telling me to forget about the Ukraine or Israel, and just go to chili to ski.

Or maybe I should just buy new skis and worry about hunter mountain later.

Maybe its just like the
Ethiopian Feast

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mazal tov

A good friend of mine asked to post his blog address sanction of the victim
He is almost done with smicha hence the mazal tov, so I figured I would post this pic of him on our hike up to sky pond (in the snow) in estes park.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Second thoughts

Seeing how plane tickets to the Ukraine are 2,000+ these days, had me thinking that I was probably better off going to Israel.

Then I started thinking, do I really want to go to Israel at a time like this. While on the one hand now is the time to go and show support, on the other hand I will be going to a country that I will not recognize. Ever since the first time I went to Israel when I was much younger, and all thru the years I spent there recently, soldiers where our friends, I would sit up nights schmoozing with them at the machsomim, I spent lots of time on the bases doing mivtzoyim ,and stam schmoozing with them, and now I will be going to a country where the solider technically will become the enemy.

Never mind the regular soldier, I have friends in the army, some of whom I am afraid to ask what they will be doing next week. So I ask myself do I really want to go somewhere where Its almost guaranteed that I will leave depressed?

I was speaking with a good friend last night who is now in Chevron, he was telling me that on his way into the gush, soldiers thought he was a Arab and started shooting at him, then they arrested him. On the one hand my heart is there, on the other I am afraid that if I go there by the time I leave I wont have a heart left.

Maybe I just don't believe enough that we will stop it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Having just finished another round of work, sitting here by my computer all day with hardly a chance to see what's going on in the gush really hit home.

I have spent my fare share of time in the Israeli settlements, I lived in Chevron for a few months, I visited the gush many times, and spent some great shabbosim in Tel Katifa, a small yeshuv of 15 amazing families across from the beach.

So sitting here reading how people say that we can not make a difference really bothered me. Whatever happened to the power of the people, and if not that, some tehilim always helps.

I remember last year starting with the campaigning by the likud vote, how it all seemed hopeless, we were down in the polls by double digits, people were saying that we should all just give up, go home and stop bothering innocent people with our persistent phone calls.

Then sitting with Marzel and Yoni Ruben the shabbos 8 days before the election we saw hope, the polls were turning in our favor, and it looked good. Then came the statement from Sharon that he didn't care about the results, but we never gave up hope.

Being in the gush on Yom haatzmaut last year when over 80,000 people made it inside and another 40,000 got stuck on the way, gave us all the feeling of hope.

Netzach Yisroel Lo Yishaker were the words painted on the wall of the tzir hagiborim in Chevron after the 12 were killed.

We as Jews never give up. We hope, we pray, and we fight.

I am stuck here in NY (for now) so I can only pray, I hope that the fight will be unnecessary, but if it is, I hope I am there to help.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dont have much time,

Or much to write, so.

"No one has a finer command of language than the person who keeps his mouth shut." - Sam Rayburn

Monday, August 01, 2005

Work, and then more work

WoW Its been a long week(end) I started doing my 15 hour workdays last Wednesday, and will most likely keep it up until this coming Friday.

I just wake up in the morning, daven up, and get to work until I drop, usually at about 3:00 am, then wake up the next morning and start again.

It looks like we will make our deadlines, so that by shabbos should be all done, and have two weeks vacation.


Reading the news about the captured bombers in England, and the one caught in Rome, a strange but not unexpected thing caught my eye, while the British were progressing slowly with all their suspects, for some strange reason the guy in Italy was singing away like a canary.

When I was once in Rome, there was a 12 year old girl caught pick pocketing, the cop that found her grabbed her by the her hair and thru her into the police car, that was my first look at Italian police, so its no wonder why the guy in Rome is talking.

If the English were smart they would rescind the request for extradition of the bomber from Italy, and let the Italians get all the info out of the guy.


I am thinking of going to Israel for 10 days in about 10 days, but I am not sure yet. My reasoning is that if I just hang around here doing nothing while my friends are uprooted from their homes, I probably will not be able to look in the mirror ever again. Maybe I should just go do a camp in the Ukraine instead of getting myself arrested.

Time will tell.