Some thoughts

As of now its in the middle of a identity crisis, I am not sure which way its headed.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Anne Frank and German Beer

Schmoozing with my brother in law the other day, he told me about a nice new watch he ordered, I took down the details, checked out the site, found a watch I liked and was pondering ordering it. However there was one small problem, the watch is German.

While on small things it doesn't really bother me, and I would get into a friends German car. On the most part I tried staying away from buying things that scream German. Lately I started drinking beck's, and was about to buy this watch.

Last night I was bored, so I picked up the first smallish book that I came across in my house, which happened to be the Anne Frank diaries. After reading it I thought to myself whether or not I wanted buy something that every time I looked down at my wrist I would see "Germany" written there, on the other hand something is telling me that they paid their price, and try to make amends.

I should probably wait until I finish my stock of beck's before I try to figure out where I stand, but who knows maybe a beer pouring ceremony is what I need now.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Long time

Its been a while since my last post, mostly due to lack of interest on my part, and partially due to time constraints.

But here I am once again, bored enough to type some more nonsense.

RH and YK were great, had over lots of guests for the meals on RH and had a very inspiring YK. Sukkos is going nicely, haven't gotten smashed yet, but working on it.

Booked my tickets to go to my friends wedding after Sukkos, with a stop off on the way back in Denver to visit some family, and the ski slopes, we will iyh do three days of skiing at Loveland, A-Basin, and Copper.


When I was growing up, I would go down to Kingston Ave for Simchas Beis, dance a little, schmooze, go to a sukkah and farbee. These days I go, I dance a bit, and while schmoozing, I watch the people.

Its interesting to see the different shades of people all showing their colors, while the black of night is lit up brightly with police spotlights. A drunk fellow hugging everyone in sight, while a older man walks with his sleeping child on his shoulders, and the young guys letting out their testosterone, it sort of adds another whole dimension to the sukkos experience.

Time and time again I say ashrenu.