Some thoughts

As of now its in the middle of a identity crisis, I am not sure which way its headed.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arrested Development

Life is getting interesting.

About a month ago I was handed a speeding ticket, on the ticket it had, State of New York The People of New York VS The Real Me.

Now I get a call from my grandma who received a letter addressed to me from the US Department of Justice, with the heading 'Untied States of America VS Me...

If I don't pay a fine which I received a little over two years ago by tomorrow, the US federal Marshals will have a arrest warrant issued for me, and might come looking for me.

While I do enjoy being a outlaw, and I have always wanted to get arrested, I think I will go down to their office tomorrow and pay the fine.

On the other hand this could possibly be my ticket to money and fame, everyone knows that in order to get famous or make money you need to be arrested, so maybe I am forfeiting this easy chance at getting arrested by the feds.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Being that I was nudged about posting, I figured I would post.

I took my two sisters skiing yesterday on two hours sleep to hunter mountain, the weather was beautiful, but the snow was what us well versed in skier terminology call heavy corn snow, or in plain English, mostly slush.

There were about 400 NYC firemen there, having races and giving Budweiser some good news to report in their next earnings report. We even bumped into this half black fireman who was able to sing 'the hamotzie' brocha for us.

Got home slept for two hours and went out for two friends engagement parties, and one birthday party.

And that's about all the excitement in my life.


In other news.

I haven't seen this in any major news site, other then the
EJ Press

About a Jew who was kidnapped and murdered in Paris by a gang of Muslims.